Who we are?

Babilly Design founded by I Wayan Bill Natih in 2010. At the beginning, we worked on illustration and various graphic design projects. We started to pursue typography in late 2019. The new social circle among type designers motivated our desire to focus on typography. Afterwards, we continued to explore the beauty and intrinsic nature of the letterform.

We have now finished some fonts and are selling them on our website. Based on the creative processes we’ve been through, we realize that typefaces are not just a visual, but they are also vehicles for language, as well as expressive graphic media. We constantly take a careful approach when creating fonts to make them work well and hopefully, our products are going to be problem-solvers for the users in creating their projects.

We have good motivation for progress and growth


We are type designers, passionate to create an extraordinary typeface. We work well in small team structures, being versatile, organized, focused, and committed to providing exceptional works. We began to grip the pen at a steeper, wider angle thus producing flirty flowy terminals. Move on to the next several cups of coffee to critique our work in progress and thinking a charming style that lends itself to elegant, yet surprising letterforms.


We’ve been designing for a long time, our journey gives us the confidence to do our best in each of our projects. Even though we are relatively new in designing typography, but we are sure that every process of working with hearts will produce extraordinary works.


We spend our daily productive time in a tiny space before Berawa Beach in the area of Canggu, Bali – Indonesia.
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