Q:    What payment methods are accepted?

A:    We accepts payments with credit card or with PayPal account.

       You’ll need to checkout with PayPal, but you can click link Pay with a Bank Account or Credit Card if you don’t have a PayPal account after Proceed To PayPal.


Q:    How I will receive the font after purchase?

A:    There are 2 ways to find your product download link:

1. First, after you successfully Checkout, on Thank you page will be shown button to download the font.

2. You will get 2 emails after successful checkout, you will get Order Confirmation Email first, and a few minutes later email you will get email with download link to font that you have bought.


Notice : Also check your spam folder


Q:    Do I get special offers?

A:    Of course, we provide special offers on our products.



A:    The font(s) purchased is non-returnable and non-refundable. 

       Please check your order carefully before making the purchase and if you are unsure about something, contact us before the purchase or before placing another order. If you encounter any error message during the purchasing process, please take a screenshot of the page and send it to us via email.




 Q:    How to install fonts on computer?

 A:    On Windows:

1.   Download the .zip file from the site, saving it in a folder
2.   Extract the file from the archive with the shell (right click) or with software (e.g. Unzip)
3.   Double click on the OTF or TTF file, then click “Install.”

       On a Mac:

1.   Download the .zip file from the site, saving it in a folder
2.   Extract the file from the archive with the shell (right click) or with software (e.g. Unzip)
3.   Add the font using the System Font Book.

Notice: Restart the program where you intend to use the font, and the fonts will show up in your font list when you open the program again.

Q:    What software needs to use this font?

A:     Fonts will work in Microsoft Office applications, Adobe software, and almost any other program with a text editor. For additional details on OTF special features and installing your new font, you’ll need specific programs to access the additional glyphs. The following is a tutorial link using a special character in Adobe Illustrator and Microsoft Word.




Q:     Can I use trial font for commercial project?

A:     No, you are not allowed to use it for commercial projects. You are probably able to show the project with a trial font to your client only for approval. However, you have to purchase a commercial license if your project earns money from your client.


Q:     What licenses do you provide for use of fonts?

A:     Check out our license here


Q:     To whom will the license be valid? If I make a project (eg. a logo) for my client, where will fonts be licensed? to me or my clients?

A:     If you sell design work (for example logos, cover designs, illustrations, or websites, etc.) to your clients, what you are selling is the cost of making and usage rights for the finished design.

The client buys from you these rights assuming you have used a tool (in this case a font) that you are permitted to use.

You probably don't have to provide the client with those design tools because he or she won't work with them.

If fonts are licensed to you as a designer, you will be able to use them in all future projects and you can bill the client as a fee.

If the client wants to receive a copy of the typeface (eg he wants to update/edit your design in the future), the license can be his.


In this case, you are not allowed to use fonts after client payment as the license is then transferred to them.

In purchasing fonts on our website, you can enter an order note for the licensees' name in the Additional Information section, which may differ from the person who purchased the font.


Q:     Can I distribute / resell your fonts?

A:     Our fonts cannot be purchased for resale. It would be against the rules.

Distributing our fonts is allowed only for non-commercial use.

That means you can give it to a friend to try and use for non-commercial purposes, and try and freely install as many copies as you want to test the design.

You can spread the word of Balibilly Design and get good karma back.




Q:     Can you design a custom fonts?

A:     Yes, let's talk


Q:     Can you customize and modify one of your typefaces for me? I would like variants of some letters, or maybe some more symbol.

A:     Yes, contact us!


Q:     Can you create something with your font? I have an idea after seeing your font with preview image, I want to create (eg. logotype) from your works.

A:     With pleasure, let's talk


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