End-User License Agreement – Trial Font Software

Updated 25th January 2022

We suggest keeping a copy of this License with the fonts software you purchased. Please keep in mind that this document is subject to modification at any time. If something happens beyond our control, we reserve the right to request your License at any time. Please retain all receipts for licensing purchases (via email invoice). We ask your understanding that if the following events occur, it is not our responsibility to retrieve/adjust the database if you cannot provide evidence of License Ownership.



  • By purchasing and installing font software from Balibilly Design (Registered Company in Indonesia, Company Number: 2711210007244 / Tax ID Number: 35.813.263.7-906.000), you are presumed to have understood and agreed to all applicable conditions in this agreement. Just go ahead and read the whole EULA.
  • Do not download, install, access, or use the fonts if you do not agree to the terms of this EULA.
    Other than a written exception provided by Balibilly Design, no alteration of this agreement will be recognized.
  • Under this agreement, the typeface, software or font software will remain the intellectual property of its creator/seller. After finishing the purchase, you will become a licensed user, not the owner.


The following terms and conditions apply to the Trial Font License:

  • One (1) Trial license allows the font to be installed on the computer; however, the font copy must be deleted when testing is over.
  • The font can be used in mock-up designs, such as website prototypes, where the purpose is to present them to your team, friends, or clients.
  • You can purchase the appropriate license if you have decided to utilize a font or your client has granted you the go-ahead.
  • You can use the trial font in your projects without purchasing additional licenses if you are a design student. You are willing to accept full responsibility for everything if the project is school-based and non-commercial.


This is a trial font, and the only reason you should use it is to test the font and do schoolwork.


This limitation applies to all Licenses, and it includes:

  • You are not permitted to redistribute fonts, sell, rent, or exchange fonts for anything of worth.
  • The original fonts may not be modified, renamed, or converted to another format. This is the best approach. You can convert it to “outline” or “path” or “rasterized images.” In this way, you ensure the legality of the designs you produce for your clients. This is the only option for others (clients) to use the design you create using our fonts without licensing it.
  • Except for converting *.WOFF files into *.JSON or *.JS formats using Facetype.js Generator for website licensed fonts; you are not allowed to modify, change the format, or convert our fonts or anything else.
  • Editing or renaming fonts are not permitted; doing so creates non-original fonts, which is also against our policy. Also, for using fonts elements as the foundation for new a font. The solution is that we can provide custom fonts designs from scratch, customize our existing fonts, and even customize the related licensing to meet all of your requirements.
  • You are not permitted to transfer or allow the third party to copy the fonts, except for fonts copied as part of a pre-press bureau file release or printer. You must ensure that the printing company terminates the font copy when the printing process is completed.
  • You are not permitted to upload the fonts to any publicly accessible server or GIT repository.
  • The legal consequences of using unlicensed fonts can be significant, including the compulsory removal of all copies of the violating fonts. Unofficial (illegal) fonts are frequently discovered to contain several important technical and design issues, the most common of which are: missing kerning (contextual inter-letter spacing), missing characters, poor spacing, and incorrect point construction (leading to printing problems and distorted character shapes), fonts ID clashes, and missing counters due to incorrect path directions.


When you purchase a Trial License, you will have the font file in TTF format.


  • As a Licensee, you intend to make every effort to protect any software fonts from redistribution or unauthorized access.
  • From the time fonts software is purchased from Balibilly Design, we maintain the right to use your company name, as well as images and videos of our fonts in use, for marketing purposes. If you do not intend to cooperate with this, please let us know to ensure that it is respected.


Balibilly Design’s fonts software has been thoroughly tested. However, it is possible that unwanted things will happen, resulting in hardware or software damage or lost revenue. We highlight that all fonts software stored on Balibilly Design is installed at the owner’s own risk, and we disclaim all liability for any damages.


  • Balibilly Design has the right to revoke this license in the case of a violation. Suppose this is the case in the event of cancellation and subject to any remedy and justice limitations. You should then return or destroy the software at our discretion and guarantee that no copies remain in your control.
  • Unauthorized fonts software installations and usage is a serious license violation. You agree to pay the applicable license fees (in USD/IDR) fully. You must commit to resolving this within seven (7) working days and provide us with all accurate, ethically, and legally responsible reports about the entire product you produce with our fonts.
  • Fonts used without a license or with inadequate licensing will necessitate the purchase of a claim. Balibilly Design reserves the right to charge for time, expenses, and legal work.


Balibilly Design maintains the right to amend or renew this license at any time and without notice. We appreciate your time to read this far and understand our License Agreement. If you have any questions concerning this EULA, please get in touch with [email protected]